Sunday, December 14, 2014

Threats on the Justice Center, Jeff Roorda, Bob McCullough, and many others.

These are from @Jdstl314 on twitter. They include specific locales, people, & dates for murder, rioting, and terrorism.

First, a terrorist threat to blow up the St. Louis City Justice Center on 12/31/2014.
Attempt to intimidate Ferguson Mayor James Knowles 

These two tweets point to a murderous threat against SLMPD Officer Jason H. Flannery.

Murderous threat against blacks who don't agree with them.

An offer to pay the person who murders Darren Wilson.

A hashtag mention to murder Jeff Roorda & Darren Wilson

The rest are mostly a continuation of advertising "Kill a Pig Night" on 12/31/2014, with offers of money for murdering police or rioting.

And lastly, a threat to anyone who reports these tweets: